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UNIPULSE INSTRUMENTS PVT LTD is distributor and dealer of Unipulse Japan Weighing & FA controllers also is office of UNIPULSE Japan Weighing & FA controllers for sales & service in India. This office also serves neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka etc. Also this provides Rotopackers controllers implementation in few Gulf/African countries. Our team is expert in providing solutions to OEM as well as End users. Already lots of companies are benefited with usage of such controllers. UNIPULSE weighing indicators & controllers can be used where other reputed Indicators are Used but tends to Hang /trouble prone. UNIPULSE Factory Automation products find wide use in Automobile components making machine and testing machines.

Unipulse manufacture sensors such as load cells and torque meters using our high-accuracy strain gauges. Our weighing indicators are widely used for auto-weighing machines such as Dosing machines, Filling machines, Packer scale, Hopper scale, Weigh bridges, Belt weighers and so on.

Unipulse’s weighing & measuring technologies, starting with preamplifiers having an accuracy that can never be reached by thin-film integrated circuits, are changing to meet ever-changing demands for weighing as well as accumulating experience and past results. Not only is accurate weighing measurement realized but also conflicting demands of satisfying high-speed processing and high accuracy and stability in weighing materials for formulating and filling are met by proprietary signal processing. These are available in different specifications and dimensions.

Rotating torque sensor is a newly developed hit-item. It is used to test rotational parts such as motors and engines.

Above mentioned Weighing indicators, Force indicators, Loadcells and Torque meters make up the majority of our sales. In addition, Unipulse has CMS (Cart management system) business as well.CMS (Car management system) is a sorting system used for logistics, our technology is leveraged for a cart which has an accurate weight scale. Our CMS enables speedy and accurate sorting by giving appropriate instructions to operators via wireless LAN.

Direct selling (without depending on trading companies) is our primary sales approach to be a close partner for our customers & with this concept Unipulse India Office is able to provide products at close prices.

Apart from this the Unipulse India distributor and dealer of Unipulse products also branch helps in OEM and users for developing the machines and technology with weighing and automation system.

The control system required with Sensors , Weighing Indicators and Automation product is also supplied to support customers. The services of Installation supervision also available from Unipulse India.

Unipulse India branch is already providing sales & service to Mazor automobile manufacturer , Bagging machine Manufacturers ,Rotopackers for Cement , Urea Bagging Machine makers , Bag counting system , bag sorting systems , Sugar /Rice machine bagging machine makers, Small fillers , On line checkweighers.

We would like to sincerely thank to customers and partners who have been, are and will continue to support us. We will continue to devote their enthusiasm and passion to contribute more to the success and development of the automation in India and Neighboring countries.

The team with Unipulse India branch is experienced team. We shall look forward for valuable enquiries from our customer