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Unipulse Dealer and Distributor India For Weighing Controller, Loadcell, Weighing Automation System

utm ii series

New! Servo press controller "PFA" The whole process is monitored by various judgment functions using waveforms & Waveform based found the NG products. Equipped with servo motor control function! The Press Upgrade solutions are available.

utm ii series

The New model UTM III! LAUNCHED -5 times more responsive than UTM II, detect torque and output faster! !! Slimmer body & noise resistance digital output added with high functionality such as 1/10000 resolution and 500% allowable overload! !! !!.


Weighing Indicator Economical Popular Trouble Free series Application Cement Rotopackers, Twin /Single Netweigher/ Bagging/ Bottling For Fertilizer, Sugar , Rice , Cement ,Premix.

utm ii series

Q&A for UTMll torque sensor.From General questions to Technical questions.


In addition to FC400-CCL and FC400DAC, FC400-EIP bocomes available!! DIN-rail mount indicators that meets various applications.


“Vertually unbrekable!!” -loadcell with an innovative concept!A strain gauge sensor with phenomenal rigidity and responsiveness

software and mis solution

Plant MIS & Production Data of Bagging For Urea/Cement/Sugar/Other products/ Solution for All Models of Unipulse Weighing Controllers With Scada Or PC Based Solutions for Bagging & Rotopacker.


Loadcell & sensor based Bag Counting & Counter With MIS software / MRP /RF/ Weighbridge Integration Solution Application Cement Packing, Urea , Sugar & Bagging Plant’s Rotopacker ,Truck Loader , Conveyor Belt , Wagon Loader.