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DC amplifier


Product outline

A general-purpose DC amplifier with expanded basic functions. With built-in bridge power supply voltage for strain gauge type sensors, this is ideal for the measurement of pressure, load, torque and displacement. Because AM20AZ equipped with current output and electronic auto zero function in addition to standard voltage output is also included in our product lineup, it extends the range of applications.


Compatible converter Various strain gauge type sensors.
Bridge resistance: 60Ω to 2kΩ
Excitation voltage ・ Voltage: 10V, 5V, 2.5V DC ±5%
・ Output current: within 120mA for 10V, within 50mA for other voltages
Zero adjustment range ±6mV RTI
±0.6mV/V (excitation voltage: 10V) 20 turn trimmer potentiometer
Gain adjustment range Input within the range between 0.35mV/V and 3.1mV/V can be rating (10V) (excitation voltage: 10V).
Low-pass filter 1Hz and PASS, Bessel type low-pass filter (-12dB/oct.)
25kHz/-3dB or more responded to PASS
Voltage output ±10V within ±20mA)
Current output ・ Current: 4 to 20mA (Load resistance: 500Ω or less)
Output resistance within 0.1Ω
Calibration voltage 0.25mV/V and 1mV/V ±0.1%
Zero drift Within 0.2μV/°C RTI (at max. sensitivity)
Gain drift Within 0.01%/°C
Noise ・ Within 0.2μVp-p (0.1 to 1Hz) RTI
・ Within 15μVp-p (full band) RTI
Non-linearity Within 0.005%/FS
Excitation voltage drift Within 0.003%/°C
Auto zero range ±10V (±5V, ±2V, ±1V, Please specify when ordering.)
Resolution 12bit (±1/2000)
Auto zero command Via front panel ON/OFF switch and external control signal (negative pulse with a pulse width of 50ms or more)
Power supply voltage 100V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz, approx. 10VA
Operating conditions ・ Working temperature range: 0 to +50°C
・ Storage temperature range: -40 to +85°C
・ Humidity: 80% RH or less (non-condensing)
Dimensions 49.5(W)×138(H)×180(D) mm (protruding parts not included)
Weight Approx. 1.4kg
Attachments ・ AC input cord (1)
・ Spare fuse (0.5A) (1)
・ Mini-driver (1)
・ Crimping terminal (11)
・ Operation manual (1)