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The following is a list of intelligent printers that can print data from indicators and total it. Equipped with the statistical calculation function for grand total, sub-total, standard deviation and the like and the classification and totaling function per code, they can respond to various needs in the production line.

Data recorder


  • Mass-recording of weight and load data from an indicator into a CF card
  • Recorded data in easy-to-handle CSV format
  • High-level calculation functions of total, sub-total, maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation, frequency distribution

Intelligent recorder


  • This function calculates Grand total, Sub-total, Maximum, Minimum, Average, Standard deviation, Histogram, Displacement diagram and can print them
  • Double print function enables printing data sent from 2 indicators and totals them
  • Code divided-function of 32 types/ch can use numerical values, and Katakana
  • In addition to standard equipment of SI/F 2ch, options of BCD input and RS-232C are prepared
  • Free power supply: 100V to 240V AC