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Intelligent recorder


Product outline

M252B is a printer that can be connected to Unipulse loadcell indicators and digital indicators via SI/F (2-wire type serial interface). In addition, it can print out data of various types of equipment via BCD input or RS-232C interface.


Printer section
Printing method 5 x 7 dot impact, 24 digits
Printing rate Approx. 2.5rows/sec (approx. 60cps)
Printing paper ・ Roll paper: Width 57.5±0.5 mm, Winding diameter 60 mm, Total length 30 m, No. of printable rows: Approx. 8000 rows/1 roll
・ Roll paper (duplicate): Width 57.5±0.5 mm, Winding diameter 60 mm, Total length 20 m, No. of printable rows approx. 5900 row/1 roll
Durability MCBF 1,000,000 rows or more (roll paper: 200 rolls or more)
Setting section
Setting method Key switches
Setting value storage ・ Setting value: Recorded in NOV-RAM (nonvolatile RAM)
・ Data: SRAM (backup by lithium battery)
Main performance
Printing method ・ Printing by key switches
・ Printing by print command input (PRINT terminal block)
・ Printing by auto print command input (SI/F, RS-232C)
・ Auto printing by cycle setting (1 to 9999 sec) (2 to 9999 sec for displacement diagram printing)
Printout contents Date, time, weight value, code(6 digits), counts(1 to 9999 times), sub-total(9 digits), total(9 digits), batch total, target value, range, maximum value, minimum value, average, standard deviation, range(maximum value – minimum value), displacement diagram, histogram
Interface (With regard to options, only one function can be installed.)
External input signal (1)COM, (2)FEED, (3)PRINT, (4)ST, (5)GT
Interface SI/F: 2-wire type serial interface. This is a serial interface to connect to Unipulse printers and external display units.
BCI: BCD parallel data input interface (Optional)
232: RS-232C communication interface (Optional)
General performance
Power supply voltage 100 to 240V AC (+10%,-15%)
Power consumption 20W
Inrush current 30A, 2 msec: AC100V average load condition (cold start at room temperature)
60A, 2 msec: AC200V average load condition (cold start at room temperature)
Operating conditions Temperature: Working temperature range 0°C to +40°C; Storage temperature range -20 to +70°C
Humidity: 85% RH or less (non-condensing)
Dimensions 110(W)×110(H)×168(D) mm (protruding parts not included)
Panel cutout dimensions 92(W)×92(H) mm
Weight Approx. 1.8kg
Ink ribbon (1 mounted on main unit) 2
Roll paper 1
AC input cord 1
Mini-driver 1
Roll paper spindle 1
Operation manual 1
BCD input connector (when BCD input option is installed) 1


BCI BCD parallel data input interface
232 RS-232C communication interface

Optional accessories

PP350/10 Roll paper: 10 pcs
PP350-2P/10 Roll paper (duplicate): 10 pcs
PR350/10 Ink ribbon: 10 pcs
PC252B Roll paper spindle
CAAC2P-B3 AC input cord 3m
CAAC3P-CEE7/7-B2 AC input cord (Voltage resistance: 250V) 2m
CN34 D-Sub 9p connector for RS-232C (inch thread)


Product catalogue(PDF)
M252B Product catalogue Download
Operation manual(PDF)
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