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The following is a list of force measuring equipment that contributes to quality control of the production line such as press fitting, caulking and torque control. The basic type is introduced.

Compact DIN 96 x 48 mm Size Digital Indicator


  • Convenient DIN 96 x 48 mm size that can be easily mounted on control panel
  • Standard built-in USB interface
  • Special PC application software
  • High-speed digital processing capability of 300 times/sec
  • Equivalent input calibration function

2 channel input type DIN96□ size digital indicator


  • Calculation and judgment outputs are available for 2ch input values of strain gauge type sensors
  • Calculation functions (ch1+ch2, ch1-ch2, |ch1-ch2|, High select, Low select)
  • 9 points of judgment outputs are equipped
  • Sampling speed as high as 3000 times/sec. on each channel
  • Equivalent input calibration function enables calibration only by key-inputting the rated value of a sensor
  • Analog monitor output

Digital indicator with fast peak hold function


  • Fast analogue peak hold
  • Digital peak/sample hold
  • High-speed digital circuit with processing capability of 3000 times/sec.
  • You could chose either RS-485 ( Modbus-RTU /UNI-format) or SI/F(Unipulse original serial interface) as a standard interface
  • The high-performance filtering functions by using both analogue and digital technology
  • Free software for parameter setting is available

Compact square DIN 96 type digital indicator


  • Analog peak hold function providing high-speed peak hold
  • Digital zero function for one-touch zeroing of indicated value
  • Compact square DIN 96 size
  • High-speed HI/LO limit comparison function
  • Equivalent input calibration function enables calibration only by key-inputting the rated value of a sensor

Portable digital inicator


  • Lightweight design of 290g for portable use
  • Measurement data is recorded in CSV format in its internal memory
  • Recorded data can be referred to and copied via USB interface
  • Various display modes such as graphic display and recorded data display prepared
  • Multi-calibration function that allows six calibration values to be stored and read
  • 4 types of Hold functions can set the data observation range