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2 channel input type DIN96 size digital indicator


Product outline

F350 is a digital indicator that is capable of two-channel inputs of strain gauge type sensors. Equipped with calculation functions, such as ch1+ch2, ch1-ch2, F350 is ideal for total, difference, balance and other load measurements. This is a practical device equipped with compact DIN 96 square size, high-speed sampling at 3000 times/sec. on each channel, and an equivalent input calibration function which allows calibration by simply key-inputting the rated value of the sensor without applying an actual load.


F350 is a digital indicator that is capable of two-channel inputs of strain gauge type sensors. Equipped with calculation functions, such as ch1+ch2, ch1-ch2, F350 is ideal for total, difference, balance and other load measurements.

2ch inputs

Calculation and judgment outputs can be made for 2ch input values of strain gauge type sensors. Calculated value is displayed on the main display, and ch1 and ch2 input values are displayed on the sub display.

Calculation functions

● ch1 + ch2: The ch1 value and ch2 value are added.

● ch1 – ch2: The ch2 value is subtracted from the ch1 value.

● |ch1 – ch2|: The absolute value of the difference between the ch1 value and ch2 value is calculated.

● High select: The ch1 value or ch2 value, whichever is larger, is selected.

● Low select: The ch1 value or ch2 value, whichever is smaller, is selected.

9 points of judgment outputs are equipped

● Calculation value: HI, OK, LO

● ch1 value: HI, LO, Alarm output

● ch2 value: HI, LO, Alarm output

Sampling speed as high as 3000 times/sec. on each channel

Including the high-speed CPU that allows processing from sensor inputs to outputs at 3000 times/sec., F350 captures necessary points reliably. (The speed can be switched to 300 times/sec.)

Digital zero & digital offset

The indicated value can be zeroed by key operation. F350 is also equipped with the function of subtracting a set value from the indicated value. This function is convenient in the case where a no-load condition cannot be set up or for offsetting.

Analog monitor output

Voltage in proportion to the input signal, which is useful for recording with a recorder, etc., can be output on each channel.

HI/LO limit comparison function with hysteresis

Timing at which HI/LO limit comparison is made can be provided with a margin. This function is effective to prevent chattering, etc..

HI and LO limit output time chart (calculated value) Only HI and LO outputs are made on ch1 and ch2.

Hold functions

F350 is equipped with hold functions of calculated values (Sample, Peak, Valley, Average). Section setting can also be made by external signal.

Example 1) Sample hold

Example 2) All section peak hold

Example 3) Externally specified section average hold

Application examples

Load and pressure are controlled at high speed with high accuracy.


Analog section
Number of sensor inputs 2 inputs (strain gauge input)
Sensor excitation DC10V, 2.5V ±5% (It depends on the setting.), Output current: within 60mA (2 channels total)
Signal input range -3.0 to +3.0mV/V
Accuracy Non-linearity: within 0.02%/FS ±1digit (at 3.0mV/V input)
Zero drift: within 0.5μV/℃ RTI
Gain drift: within 0.01%/℃
A/D converter Rate: Selectable from 3000 times/sec. and 300 times/sec.
Resolution: 24 bits (binary), 1/10000 with respect to 1mV/V
Analog filter Low pass filter (-6dB/oct.), Selectable at 3, 30, 300, 1kHz
Analog monitor output Output level: strain gauge input is approx. 2V per 1mV/V
Load resistance: 2KΩ or more
Display section
Display unit Main display: Character height 14.6mm, Numerical display by 7-segment green LED (6-digit)
Sub display: Character height 8mm, Numerical display by 7-segment green LED(5-digit)
Indicated value Main display: 6-digit, ±, -99999 to +99999, Signs: Minus sign on most significant digit
Sub display: 6-digit, ±, -19999 to +19999, Signs: Minus sign on most significant digit
Display frequency Selectable from 3, 6, 13 and 25 times/sec.
Status display HI/ OK/ LO/ PEAK/ HOLD/ HI(ch1)/ LO(ch1)/ HI(ch2)/ LO(ch2)
Setting section
Setting item Work setting (comparison):
Calculated value HI limit/ Calculated value LO limit/ ch1,2 HI limit/ ch1,2 LO limit
Work setting (comparison/hold):
Comparison function select/ Near zero/ Hysteresis/ Calculation hold function select/ Detection time/ Average sample number
System setting (calculation/common operation):
MD/ SI/F function select/ Display frequency
System setting (ch operation):
Digital filter/ Analog filter/ ZT/ D/Z synchronous mode/ A/D conversion speed select
Calibration setting (ch calibration): Calibration function select/ Zero calibration/ Equivalent input calibration/ Actual load calibration/ Digital offset/ Digital zero limit/ Alarm HI limit/ Alarm LO limit
System setting (BCO option):
Output data select/ Output rate/ BCD/binary select
System setting (232 option):
Communication mode/ Communication condition/ Delimiter
System setting (DAV/ DAI option):
Output data select/ Zero scale value/ Full scale value
Setting protect/ Key protect/ Initialize/ Password
Hold section Sample, Peak, Valley, Average
Hold section setting (All section・External signal・External signal+Time)
External signal
External input signal
hold section control/ hold release/ digital zero 1/ digital zero 2
Dry contact input circuit (minus common type), Ic=10mA or less
External output signal
HI/LO limit comparison (HI(calculation)・OK(calculation)・LO(calculation)・HI(ch1)・LO(ch1)・HI(ch2)・LO(ch2))/ alarm(ch1)/ alarm(ch2)/ hold complete/ RUN
Open collector output circuit (sink type), Vceo=30V (max), Ic=30mA (max)
Interface SIF: 22-wire type serial interface
232: RS-232C communication interface (Option)
BCO: BCD parallel data output interface (Option)
D3V: D/A converter voltage output (3ch) (Option)
DAV: D/A converter voltage output (Option)
DAI: D/A converter current output (Option)
General performance
Power supply voltage AC100V to 240V (+10% -15%) (free power source) 50/60Hz
Power consumption 10W max
Operating conditions Operation temperature: -10 to +40℃,
Storage temperature: -40 to +80℃
Humidity: 85%RH or less (non-condensing)
Dimensions 96(W)×96(H)×138(D) mm (Protrusions excluded)
Panel-cut dimensions 92×92+1-0mm
Weight Approx. 1.0kg
CE marking certification EMC directives: EN61326-1
Safety standard: EN61010-1, EN62311
  AC input cord (Nominal rating 125V) 3m * 1
AC input cord converter plug 1
FCN series I/O connector (with cover) 1
Ferrite core 2
BCD output connector (when BCD output option is selected) 1
Operating tool (when D/A converter(3ch) option is selected) 1
Mini driver (when D/A converter option is selected) 1
Operation manual 1
* The attached AC input cord is intended for 100V AC power in Japan.


BCO BCD parallel data output interface
232 RS-232C communication interface
D3V D/A converter voltage output (3ch)
DAV D/A converter voltage output
DAI D/A converter current output

Optional accessories

CA372-I/O Cable with FCN connector at one-end 3m
CAAC3P-B3 AC Supply cord 3m
CAAC3P-CEE7/7-B2 AC Supply cord (Voltage resistance: 250V) 2m
CN3P-2P 3P-2P converter plug for AC input cord
CN34 D-Sub9p connector for RS-232C
CN50 FCN series I/O connector (with cover)
CN51 BCD output connector
CN55 BCD output connector (with diagonal cover)
CN73 D/A converter (3ch) connector
CN81 Analog I/O connector terminal


Product catalogue(PDF)
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Operation manual(PDF)
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