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Weighing indicator for OMRON SYSMAC CJ1/CJ2/NJ

Product Outline

F159 is a Weighing Indicator that allows direct connection to OMRON SYSMAC CJ1/CJ2/NJ bus. F159 thoroughly eliminates wasted time and energy in the production system by curtailing the time needed to develop a weighing system and improving maintenance management, modifications and serviceability. At the same time, it promises great cost reductions and high added value.

About the connection propriety of NJ series

CPU unit (NJ301/NJ501): ver.1.06 or later connectable

Sysmac Studio: ver.1.07 or later connectable


Analog section
Loadcell cabling 6-wire input (+EXC, +S, -S, -EXC, SHIELD, +SIG, -SIG),
remote sensing
Excitation voltage 10VDC±5%, source current max.120mA
(up to four 350 load cells can be connected in parallel)
Zero adjustment 0 to 2mV/V
Coarse: Digital control using the coarse adjustment circuit
Fine: Automatic adjustment using digital calculation
Span adjustment 0.3 to 3.2mV/V
Coarse: Digital control using the coarse adjustment circuit
Fine: Automatic adjustment using digital calculation
Min. sensitivity 0.3μV/count
Accuracy Non-linearity: within 0.01% FS (Typ. 0.005% FS, room temperature)
Zero drift: within 0.2μV/℃ RTI Typ. 0.15μV/℃
Gain drift: within 15ppm/℃ (Typ. 5ppm/℃)
Analog filter Bessel type low-pass filter (-12dB/oct.)
Cut off frequency selectable from 2, 4, 6, 8 Hz
A/D converter ⊿∑ method converter, Conversion rate: 500times/sec.
Resolution: 24 bit (binary)
Display resolution 1/10000(1/4 scale division enabled)
1/40000 (1/4 scale division disabled)
Display section
Status display RUN: Turns on when Normal operation
Turns on when an error in initial settings, CPU related error, and unit error is detected (compliant to CJ1/CJ2/NJ specification).
WERR: Turns on when Weight Error status turns ON.
OUT1: OUT1 status turns ON.
OUT2: OUT2 status turns ON.
Terminal layout
Setting section
Unit No. rotary switch Selects a unit number for the high performance I/O unit: 0 to 95
DIP switch Lock function
Set value ・ Set value: Imported from CJ1/CJ2/NJ
・ Set value storage: Initial values NOV RAM (non-volatile RAM)
・ Set value protection: Modification of set values can be inhibited to protect them from accidental change (LOCK)
Setting item ・ Upper limit/ Lower limit/ Near zero/ SP1/ SP2/ FF CPS./ Over/ Under/ Final/ Tare
・ Comparison inhibit time/ Compare time/ Complete output time/ Auto jog timer/ Auto zero times/ Judging times/ FF CPS. regulation/ Weighing function 1 (Weighing mode, Over/Under comparison, Upper/Lower limit comparison, Near zero comparison)/ Weighing function 2 (Over/Under comparison mode, Upper/Lower limit comparison mode, Complete Signal Output mode, Sign convention for discharge control)/ Weighing function 3 (FF CPS. coefficient, FF CPS., Average count of FF CPS., Digital tare subtraction)/ Output selection (OUT1 selection, OUT2 selection)/ Restriction on the tare subtraction/ Sequence mode (Mode selection, Auto jog, At start NZ confirmation, At start weight value confirmation)/ Motion detection (period, range)/ Zero tracking (period)/ Zero tracking (range)/ Filter (Analog filter, Digital filter)/ Stable mode (Digital filter 2, Motion detection mode)/ Function selection (Decimal place, 1/4 scale division)/ Balance weight/ Capacity/ Minimum scale division/ Net Over/ Gross Over/ DZ regulation/ Gravitational acceleration (Area number)/ Gravitational acceleration (Acceleration)
・ Zero calibration/ Span calibration/ Tare subtraction/ Tare subtraction reset/ Digital Zero/ Digital Zero reset
General performance
Power consumption 350 load cell: Approx. 300 mA (single load cell), Approx. 700 mA (four cells in parallel)
Operating conditions Temperature: Operational 0℃ to +55℃(accuracy compensation applicable: 0℃ to +40℃), Storage: -20℃ to +75℃
Humidity: 90%RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions 31(W)×90(H)×65(D) mm (protrusions excluded)
Weight Approx. 150g
Operation manual 1


Product catalogue(PDF)
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Operation manual(PDF)

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