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F372A Unipulse

Graphic display/ touch panel type digital indicator

F372A Unipulse

F372A Unipulse Product outline

F372A Unipulse, the digital indicator joined with a strain gauge sensor used to display physical quantities such as load, pressure, and torque in waveforms. It is able to visually capture in waveforms the fluctuations in physical quantities which are difficult to capture by only numerical values. With a maximum 2000 times per second for high-speed processing, it is also ideal for narrow value fluctuations and comes equipped with a HI/LO limit comparison function, various hold functions and judgment function. F372A is the best digital indicator for graders and testers used in results judgment of assembling work and auto machining.

F372A Unipulse Features

F372A is digital indicator for strain gauge type sensors to measure pressure, load, torque. With various hold functions, they contribute to production line quality control.

Waveform display

Changes in physical quantity, that are recognizable only by numerical display, are displayed visually in waveform.

Extensive comparison functions

Necessary points in waveform are taken out to make HI/LO limit comparisons.

Operating work*is selected to perform comparison and judgment under various condition settings.

* 16 types of settings per operation (types of hold, HI/LO limit set values) can be stored.

■ Hold types

Sample, Peak, Valley, P-P, Average, Inflection Point, Relative Maximum, Relative Minimum, Relative Difference

■ Section setting

– External section (Peak, Valley, P-P, Average)

– External + Time specified section (Peak, Valley, P-P, Average)

– Level + Time specified section (Peak, Valley, P-P, Average)

– Level (Peak, Valley)

<Double Hold>

Specifically combined two types of hold functions are performed simultaneously in one detection. Hold modes can be selected from 26 modes shown below.

<Before Value Comparison>

HI/LO limit comparisons of the difference value between the presently measured hold value and the previously measured hold value can be made.

Difference value = Present hold value (indicated value) – Previous hold value

<Relative Value Comparison>

HI/LO limit comparisons of the difference (relative value) between hold value A and hold value B can be made.


Analog section
Excitation voltage DC10V, 2.5V±5% (depending on settings)
Output current: within 120mA
4-wire (Up to four 350Ωload cells can be connected.)
Signal input range -3.0 to +3.0mV/V
Accuracy Non-linearity: within 0.02%/FS ±1digit (at 3.0mV/V input)
Zero drift: within 0.5μV/℃ RTI
Gain drift: within 0.01%/℃
Analog filter Low pass filter (-6dB/oct.)
Selectable at 30, 100, 300, 1000Hz
A/D converter Speed: 2000 times/sec., Resolution: 24bit (binary)
Effective resolution: Approx. 1/30000 – 3.0mV/V input
Analog monitor output Output level: Approx. 2V per 1mV/V of input LoadLoad resistance: 2kΩ or more
Display section
Display unit TFT color LCD module 3.5 inch
Display area 71(W) mm×53(H) mm
Dot structure 320×240dot
Measured value 5 digits: -99999 to +99999, Sign: Minus sign on most significant digit
Setting section
Comparison functions HH, Hi, Lo, LL, Hysteresis, alarm Hi, alarm Lo, near zero, comparison timing, comparison output selection
Hold setting Hold mode, detection start level, detection time, level detection condition, sample point shift value, detection end level, average sample number, inflection minimum slope, inflection front slope time, inflection removal value, detection start condition, relative minimum count, relative magnification
Graph setting Graph mode, Y-axis (load) start point, Y-axis (load) end point, X-axis (time) end point, plotting start level, interval time, plotting start level conditions
Calibration setting Excitation voltage, zero calibration, equivalent input calibration, actual load calibration, calibration value selection, unit, minimum scale, digital offset, digital zero limit
Operation setting Digital filter, analog filter, backlight lighting time, language change, SI/F print, motion detect, zero tracking, monitor output filter, display color of measured value, B5 function selection, B6 OFF detection standby time, B8 OFF detection standby time, measured work input change, control input change, password
RS-232C setting Communication mode, baud rate, character length, stop bit, parity bit, delimiter, flow control
Extended comparison function Previous value comparison, relative value comparison
Extended hold function Double hold, auto reset change, hold value update, sample trigger change, hold cancel at DZ, hold END timing
Extended graph function Pre-trigger display
Extended operation function Digital filter characteristics, average time at DZ, RUN output format
Extended option BCD output data format
Hold function
Hold 1) Sample, 2) Peak, 3) Valley, 4) P-P, 5) Average, 6) Inflection Point, 7) Relative Maximum, 8) Relative Minimum, 9) Relative Difference, 10) Sample&Peak, 11) Sample&Valley, 12) Sample&P-P, 13) Sample&Average, 14) Sample&Inflection Point, 15) Sample&Relative Maximum, 16) Sample&Relative Minimum, 17) Sample&Relative Difference, 18) Peak&Valley, 19) Peak&P-P, 20) Valley&P-P, 21) Average&Peak, 22) Average&Valley, 23) Average&P-P, 24) Relative Maximum&Relative Minimum, 25) Relative Maximum&Relative Difference, 26) Relative Minimum&Relative Difference
Comparison function
  Higher Hi (HH) limit setting, Lower Lo (LL) limit setting, High (HI) limit setting, Low (LO) limit setting
Calibration value selection
  Stores up to 4 types of calibration value that can be interchanged
External signal
External output signal (8 points) HI/LO comparison output (HH, HI, OK, LO, LL)/ RUN output/ hold end output/ graph plotting end output
Vce=30V (max), Ic=30mA (max)
External input signal (10 points) Work selection input/ hold control input/ digital zero input (DZ)/ graph plotting control input/ calibration selection input
lc=10mA or lower
SIF 2-wire type serial interface
232 RS-232C communication interface
BCO BCD parallel data output interface (Sink type)(Option)
BSC BCDBCD parallel data output interface (Source type)(Option)
DAV D/A converter voltage output (Option)
DAI D/A converter current output (Option)
ODN DeviceNet interface (Option)
CCL CC-Link interface (Option)
General performance
Power supply voltage DC24V (±15%)
Power consumption 18W max
Operating conditions Temperature: Operation temperature -10℃ to +40℃
Storage temperature -20℃ to +60℃
Humidity: 85% RH or less (non-condensing)
Inrush current (typ) 55A, 1msec (cold start at room temperature)
Dimensions 96(W)×96(H)×138(D) mm (protruding areas are not included)
Weight Approx. 1.0kg
CE marking certification EMC Directives EN61326-1
FCN series I/O connector (with cover) 1
Operation manual 1
BCD output connector (when BCD output option is installed) 1
Mini driver (when D/A converter option is installed) 1
DeviceNet connector (when DeviceNet option is installed) 1
CC-Link connector (when CC-Link option is installed) 1


BCO BCD parallel data output interface (Sink type)
BSC BCD parallel data output interface (Source type)
DAV D/A converter voltage output
DAI D/A converter current output
CCL CC-Link interface
ODN DeviceNet interface

Optional accessories

CA372-I/O 3m end treatment 24-leads cable with FCN connector at one end
CA81-232X 1.5m miniDIN-D-Sub9p cross cable
CN50 FCN series I/O connector (with cover)
CN55 FCN series I/O connector (with diagonal cover)
CN60 Circular DIN 8p connector for RS-232C
CN51 BCD output connector
CN71 CC-Link connector
CN80 Analog I/O connector terminal
CND01 DeviceNet connector
GMP96×96 Rubber packing
TSU03 Lightning surge unit, DC specification


Product catalogue(PDF)
F372A Product catalogue Dowmload
Operation manual(PDF)

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