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F381A Unipulse Manual

SD card available graphic display/ touch panel type digital indicator


Product outline

F381A is a dynamic force processor integrated with a strain gauge sensor that can display physical quantities such as pressure, load and torque in waveforms. It is able to visually capture in waveforms the fluctuations in physical quantities which are difficult to capture by only numerical values. With a 4000 times per second for high-speed processing, it is also ideal for narrow value fluctuations and comes equipped with a HI/LO limit comparison function, various hold functions and judgment function. F381A can be used in a wide-range of applications such as in control systems used in production control, automatic devices or testers.

LCD touch panel

Setting operation can be effortlessly performed by a direct touch on touch panel.

Excellent operability

F381A is no nonsense and straightforward and is made able to automatically mask non-required setting items and also to display a setting in the required sequence when that particular setting item has a specific setting sequence.

Saves measurement data in an SD card

Measurement data and set values can be logged (recorded) in the SD card. Such data can be retained as 100% recorded quality data or be used when setting up equipment or when performing cause analysis or improvement of problems. The data can be easily converted to CSV format and is therefore easily edited in Microsoft Excel or the like.

Plus common/ minus common shared sink type/ source type selectable

Its input type is combined-use plus common / minus common while its output type is selectable between sink type and source type. It can be connected to various types of external equipment such as PLCs.

4000 times/sec. high-speed processing

F381A is installed with a high-speed A/D converter and high-speed CPU that can process sensor signal input at 4000 times/sec with this, fluctuations in narrow values will not be overlooked.

Wide array of interfaces

F381A provides a wide array of interfaces to give flexibility in system networking. As starters, there is the Ethernet and the proven RS-232C that can provide a direct link to site PLCs such as the OMRON DeviceNet or the MITSUBISHI CC-Link without the need for any bridging devices.

Comparison & hold function by waveform display

These functions are used to judge the acceptability of measurement waveforms. Depending on type of applications, Waveform Comparison Function and Multi Hold Function can be jointly utilized for judgment.

Waveform comparison function

This function compares the actually measurement waveform against the setup Hi/Lo limit waveforms and will give out an NG judgment when any of the point exceeded the set Hi/Lo limit waveforms. As it compares the measurement waveform in overall, accurate judgment can be made even in applications that are unable to narrow down its judgment.

<Front reference & back reference>

In respect to the measurement waveform, the setup Hi/Lo limit waveforms can be selected to be the front or back reference. With this, accurate judgment can be done even when the work inserting mold is uneven.

<Relative displacement>

In respect to the measurement waveform, the setup Hi/Lo limit waveforms can be set to relative displacement. When reference point is set at displacement or time, the set waveform will be in relative displacement at the load reference point of the measurement waveform.

Multi hold function

After the measuring area is divided, judgment can be carried out while type of hold (sample, peak, valley, P-P, Average, max, min, inflection point, End displacement) is interchanged at will. It is capable in specifying Hi limit value, Lo limit value and type of hold at each interval. Multiple point judgment is available through its processes such as detection of inhibit timer soon after the start of insertion and judgment of load before finishing insertion process via Inflection Point Hold.

Displacement input as a standard equipment

It performs 2-dimensional waveform comparison & multi hold through its dual input from the displacement sensor and strain gauge sensor. On X-axis, voltage or pulse input can be connected while on Y-axis, strain gauge sensor can be connected. This is highly effective for applications which are difficult to control only by time factor such as the control for pressing time of press machines and for the imposing time on works with indivisual differences.

* When nothing is connected with X axis, Waveform Comparison & Multi Hold by the time series can be done.

* The voltage input is an option.

Comparison results display

The comparison results of Waveform Comparison Function and Multi Hold Function can be verified on the display.【Result(List)】(An individual display) and 【Result(Single)】(a list display) to selection is possible.

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Names and works of each parts

Application example


Sensor input for load (strain gauge input fixed)
Excitation voltage DC10 or 2.5V±10% (Factory default: 2.5V)
Output current: within 30mA
Signal input range -3.0mV/V to +3.0mV/V
Accuracy Non-linearity: within 0.02%/FS ±1digit (at 3.0mV/V input)
Zero drift: within 0.5μV/℃ RTI
Gain drift: within 0.01%/℃
Analog filter Low pass filter (-6dB/oct.)
Selectable at 10, 30, 100, 300Hz
A/D converter Speed: 4000 times/sec.
Resolution: 24bit (binary)
Effective resolution: Approx. 1/30000 – 3.0mV/V
Analog voltage output Output level: Approx. 2V per 1.0mV/V input
Load resistance: 2KΩ or more
Sensor input for displacement
(Standard: pulse input (open collector) Option: Pulse Input (Line Driver [LDI])
Maximum input frequency 50kHz
Internal counting range Approx. 1,000,000
Adaptable sensor Output: Incremental type 2-phase output (A/B signal output)
Also capable of single-phase output (A-phase input used. All pulses are counted as in the plus direction.)
Output stage circuit specification (standard): open collector
(NPN type, Vceo=30V or more, Ic=30mA or more)
Output stage circuit specification(LDI): Line driver
(Conforming RS-422 However, termination at 470Ω)
Sensor input for displacement (option: voltage input [VIN])
Signal input range -5V to +5V
Input resistance Approx. 10MΩ
Accuracy Non-linearity: within 0.02%/FS ±1 digit (at 5V input)
Zero drift: within 50μV/℃ RTI
Gain drift: within 0.02%/℃
Analog filter Selectable from 10, 30, 100, and 300Hz. Low-pass filter (-6dB/oct)
A/D converter Rate: 4000 times/sec.
Resolution: 24 bits (binary)
Effective resolution: Approx. 1/30000 to 5V
Display section
Display unit TFT color LCD module
Display area: 71(W)×53(H) mm
Dot structure: 320×240dot
Indicated value Load: -9999 to +9999
Displacement: -9999 to +32000
Decimal point: The decimal place is to be input together with a value at the time of calibration.
0.000, 0.00, 0.0, 0
Number of display times Fixed at 3 times/sec.
Setting section
Setting method Setting by analog type touch panel operation
Preservation of set values NOV NOV RAM (nonvolatile RAM), Lithium-battery-backed-up C-MOS RAM
I/O section
Input signals 16 points
Input type: plus common/ minus common shared
To connect a transistor, connect NPN output type (sink type) for plus common and PNP output type (source type) for minus common.
ON voltage: 12V or more, OFF voltage: 3V or less, At 24V load: approx. 5mA
Isolation: photocoupler
Output signals 16 points
Output type:sink type/ source type selectable. (Source type is optional [ISC].)
Output transistor ON at signal ON.
To connect an input unit like a PLC, connect plus common for sink type, and minus common for source type.
Rated voltage: 30V, Rated current: 30mA
Isolation: photocoupler
RS-232C communication interface Start/stop system
Baud rate: 1200bps to 38400 bps
All parameters can be read and written.
All comparison waveforms can be read and written.
Measurement waveforms and judgment points can be read.
Option (Only one interface option can be installed.)
Line driver input[LDI] It can be connected with Line driver output-type sensor (Incremental type) in accordance with RS-422 like the contact-type, eddy current-type or laser-type etc..
Voltage input[VIN] ±5V voltage output type sensor of the contact type, eddy current type, laser type, etc., can be connected.
SD card slot [SDC] All parameters can be preserved and reconstructed.
All comparison waveforms can be preserved and reconstructed.
Measurement waveforms and judgment points can automatically be preserved.
* An SD card of 1GB is attached. Approx. 80 waveforms can be memorize by 1MB.
I/O sourrce boad [ISC] Output type: sourrce type
To connect an input unit like a PLC, connect minus common.
DeviceNet interface [ODN] Connectable with DeviceNet-compliant OMRON CompoBus/D seamlessly.
All parameters can be read and written.
All comparison waveforms can be read and written.
Measurement waveforms and judgment points can be read.
CC-Link interface [CCL] Directly linkable with a Mitsubishi (multipurpose) sequencer.
All parameters can be read and written.
Judgment points can be read.
Ethernet interface [ETN] All parameters can be read and written.
Measurement waveforms and judgment points can be read.
General performance
Power supply voltage DC24V (±15%)
Power consumption 20W max
Inrush current (Typ) 2A, 10msec (at ordinary temperature, cold-start)
Operating conditions Operating temperature range: -10 to +40℃, Storage temperature range: -20 to +60℃
Humidity: 85%RH or less (non-condensing)
Dimensions 96(W)×96(H)×117.3(D) mm (Projections excluded)
Panel-cut dimensions: 92×92 (+1-0) mm
Weight Approx. 1.0kg
CE marking certification EMC Directives EN61326-1


LDI Pulse input (line driver)
VIN Voltage input
ISC I/O Source board
SDC SD Card slot (An SD card of 1GB is attached.)
ODN DeviceNet interface
CCL CC-Link interface
ETN Ethernet interface

Optional accessories

DTC1 Case for F381A (with AC power supply)
SD1G 1GByte card
SD2G 2GByte card
CA81-232X miniDIN-D-Sub9p cross cable
CN52 FCN series I/O connector (with cover)
CN57 FCN series I/O connector (with diagonal cover)
CN60 Circular DIN 8p connector for RS-232C
CN71 CC-Link connector
CN81 Analog I/O connector terminal
CND01 DeviceNet connector
GMP96×96 Rubber packing
TSU03 DC lighting surge unit


Product catalogue(PDF)
F381A Product catalogue Dowmload
Operation manual(PDF)

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