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Graphic display/ touch panel type weighing indicator

Product Outline

F600AT is a low-priced weighing controller that pursues operability and functions. Adoption of the LCD touch panel that allows easy operation without a manual has realized excellent visibility and operability. This is a practical device packed with the functions required for weighing such as direct connectability to PCs and PLCs including RS-232C, DeviceNet and CC-Link, besides the waveform display function.


Analog section
Excitation voltage 10V DC ±5%, Output current: within 120mA,
Remote sense type (Up to 4 loadcells at 350Ω are operable)
Signal input range -0.2 to 3.0mV/V
Zero adjustment range -0.2 to 3.0mV/V, Performed by digital computation
Gain adjustment range Performed by digital computation
Accuracy Non-linearity: within 0.02% FS±1 digit (at 3mV/V input)
Zero drift: within 0.25μV/°CRTI
Gain drift: within 25 ppm/°C
A/D converter Speed: 100 times/sec.
Resolution: 24 bit (binary)
Analog filter Bessel low-pass filter (-12dB/oct.)
Selectable from 2, 4, 6, 8 Hz
Secondary calibration Equivalent input calibration method that allows calibration by simply key-inputting the rated value of a sensor without applying an actual load; Min. calibration resolution at secondary calibration (1/1000 at room temperature)
Setting section
Setting method Set by touch panel operation
Memory of set values ・ Initial values : NOV RAM (nonvolatile RAM)
・ Other values : Lithium-battery-backed-up C-MOS RAM (The memory life is approx. 7 years or more, which varies depending on the operating conditions and storage environment.)
・ Crucial setting values: (calibration, comparison, operational setting, etc.): NOV RAM (Non-volatile RAM)
Protection of set values ・ Setting operation can be prohibited to prevent changes by misoperation.
Setting item ・ EACH CODE
(Comparison mode: HI-LO COMP)
(Comparison mode: DIS)
FINAL, SP1, SP2, CPS, AFFC, OVER/HI (selectable depending on setting), UNDER/LO (selectable depending on setting)
Comp Mode Selection, Comp. Inhibit Time, Judging Time, Complete Output Time, AFFC, Cps. Coefficient, Avg. Count of AFFC, Discharge Control Mode, Complete Signal Out, Over/under Comparison, Hi/lo Comparison Selection, Near Zero Comparison, Preset Tare Weight 1, Near Zero, Preset Tare Weight 2
Digital Filter, Analog Filter, MD (Period), MD (Range), Display Freq., ZT (Period), ZT (Range), Indicate Color, Back Light, Display Select, Hi/lo Output Selection, Lock1, Lock2
Ggraphic Mode, Trigger Level, X End Point, Y Start Point, Y End Point, Drawing Weight
Initialization, Self check, Password, Language, Key Valid/invalid, B4 Function Selection
Zero Calibration, Span Calibration, Equiv. Input Calibration, Balance Weight, Min. Scale Div., Net Over, Gross Over, Unit Display, Decimal Place, DZ Regulation Value
Sequence Mode, Adjust Feeding, At Start NZ Conf., At Start WV Conf., Adjust Feeding Time, AZ Times, Judging Times
I/O section
External output signal Able to select HI/LO limit comparison mode or final discharge mode depending on setting, Transistor’s open collector output (Emitter = COM terminal); Output is LO when transistor is ON.
At HI/LO limit comparison Mode Hi-hi limit, high limit, go, low limit, lo-lo limit, near zero, weight error, stable
At Final Discharge mode SP1, SP2, SP3, COMP, Over/High limit, High/Low limit, near zero, weight alarm or sequence error, stable
External input signal ON when shorted to COM terminal by contact (relay, switch) or non-contact (transistor, open collector)
Digital zero, tare subtraction, tare subtraction reset, hold or judgment, feeding or discharging selection, display select, code select/key LOCK, start, stop
Display section
Display unit TFT color LCD module (display screen: 71 (W) x 53 (H) mm, 320 x 240 dot
Display value 5 digits, Minus sign on most significant digit.
Min. scale division 1 to 100 selectable
Decimal point Selectable decimal place at
Display frequency Selectable from 3, 6, 13, 25 times/sec. (system speed 100 times/sec.)
Over scale A/D converter input over: “LOAD”;
A/D converter input minus over: “LOAD”;
Net weight exceeds preset net weight over: “NET WEIGHT OVER”;
Gross weight exceeds preset gross weight over: “GROSS WEIGHT OVER”
Unit display Selectable from t, kg, g, N. lb, none
Status display NET: Lights when the net is displayed.
GROSS: Lights when the gross is displayed.
HOLD: Lights in holding.
STAB: Lights at stable-time.
ZT: Lights in zero tracking.
ZALM: Lights when the zero alarm signal is ON.
NZ: Lights in near zero.
※1 HH: Lights when the hi-hi limit signal is ON.
※1※3 HI: Lights when the high limit signal is ON.
※1 GO: Lights when the preset low limit value <= weight value <= preset high limit value.
※1※3 LO: Lights when low limit signal is ON.
※1 LL: Lights when the lo-lo limit signal is ON.
※2※3 SP1: Lights when the final weight-SP1 >= net weight.
※2※3 SP2: Lights when the final weight-before final >= net weight.
※2※3 SP3: Lights when the final weight-FF >= net weight.
※2※3 COMP: Lights when the underweight signal is ON.
※2 OVER: Lights when the overweight signal is ON.
※2 UNDER: Lights when the underweight signal is ON.

※1 Displayed only in the HI/LO limit comparison mode.
※2 Displayed only in the DIS.-O/U comparison mode.
※3 Displayed only in the DIS.-H/L comparison mode.
General performance
Power supply voltage 100 to 240V AC (+10% -15%) (Free power supply 50/60Hz)
24V DC (±15%) (Please specify when ordering)
Power consumption 18W max.
Operating conditions Temperature: Working temperature range -10 to +40°C;
Storage temperature range -20 to +60°C
Humidity: 80% RH or less (non-condensing)
Dimensions 96(W)×96(H)×138(D) mm (protruding parts not included)
AC input cord (nominal rating: 125V) 3m 1
Mini-driver for terminal block connection (when DAC option is installed) 1
Jumper cable 2
FCN series I/O connector (with cover) 1
BCD output connector (when BCO option is installed) 1
DeviceNet connector (when DeviceNet option is installed) 1
CC-Link connector (when CC-Link option is installed) 1
Operation manual 1


BCO BCD parallel data output interface
DAV D/A converter voltage output
DAI D/A converter current output
CCL CC-Link interface
ODN DeviceNet interface

Optional accessories

CA372-I/O Cable with FCN connector at one-end 3m
CA600-BCDCNV FCN connector 32p-57・36p cabtyre cable 0.3m
CA81-232X miniDIN-D-Sub9p cross cable 1.5m
CAAC2P-B3 AC Supply cord 3m
CAAC3P-CEE7/7-B2 AC Supply cord (Voltage resistance:250V) 2m
CN50 FCN series I/O connector (with cover)
CN51 BCD output connector
CN55 FCN series I/O connector (with diagonal cover)
CN60 Circular DIN 8p connector for RS-232C
CN71 CC-Link connector
CN80 Analog I/O connector terminal
CND01 DeviceNet connector
GMP96×96 Rubber packing


Product catalogue(PDF)
F600AT Product catalogue Dowmload
Operation manual(PDF)

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