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Weighing indicator for constant Weight feeder

Please specify requirement for CE marking certified product when making your order.

Product Outline

A weighing indicator developed for weight supply and loss-in-weight. Automatic control of weight supply (discharge) and refilling (charging) is performed by calculating flow rate from the measurement of the discharged weight of material inside a hopper.

  • Pulse input function
  • Accumulated pulse output function
  • PID control function
  • Master-slave function (Convenient for control of sub-material supply hopper)
  • Interlocking function
  • Graphic function
  • Weighing status message function


SIF 2-wire type serial interface Standard
SI2 2-wire type bi-directional serial interface Standard
232 RS-232C communication interface Standard
BCO BCD parallel data output interface Option
BCI BCD parallel data input interface Option
485 RS-485 communication interface Option
DAC D/A converter interface Standard
ANA Analog I/O interface Option
CCL CC-Link interface Option


Product catalogue(PDF)
F805AT-CF Product catalogue Dowmload
Operation manual(PDF)

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