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Weighing indicator for fomula weighing system

Product outline

A weighing indicator developed for formula batch weighing. A maximum of 200 types of formula and 100 types of raw materials can be pre-registered by switching over from feeding and discharging to allow automatic weighing.

  • Registration of 200 types of formula and 100 types of raw materials
  • A maximum of 30 types of raw materials for each formula can be pre-registered
  • Process from weighing to discharging of each raw material is automated
  • Function of displaying the numbers of raw materials being weighed
  • Names for raw materials and formula are displayed in kana or kanji characters
  • Timer control function
  • Function of refilling when weight is under fixed quantity (Auto / Manual)
  • Function of power cut security
  • Weighing status message function


SIF 2-wire type serial interface Standard
SI2 2-wire type bi-directional serial interface Standard
232 RS-232C communication interface Standard
BCO BCD parallel data output interface Option
BC2 BCD parallel data output interface 2 Standard
BCI BCD parallel data intput interface Option
485 RS-485 communication interface Option
DAC D/A converter interfac Option


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