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Weighing indicator for multi draft

Please specify requirement for CE marking certified product when making your order.

Product Outline

A weighing controller developed for multi draft weighing. Powerful when used in heavy weighing work with small weighing scale. Each control function such as a rough feeding auto switch over and judgment condition can be suitably combined for “speedy” and “low-count yet effective” weighing.

  • Rough feeding auto switch over (Rough charging and SP1/SP2/SP3 are automatically switched over by total.)
  • Automatic calculation of batch count
  • Graphic function
  • Compensation weighing function (The ratio of remaining quantity to total final is monitored and Final of each batch is automatically compensated according to the accuracy of the weighing device.)


SIF 2-wire type serial interface Standard
SI2 2-wire type bi-directional serial interface Standard
232 RS-232C communication interface Standard
BCO BCD parallel data output interface Option
BCI BCD parallel data input interface Option
485 RS-485 communication interface Option
DAC D/A converter interface Option


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