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DIN-rail mount weighing indicator with CC-Link interface

Product outline

FC400-CCL is a weighing indicator equipped as standard with CC-Link interface. It is ideal for a variety of weighing applications like hopper scales, bagging machines, and level meters.

Network with multiple units can be configured easily.

Lightweight and compact body to fit into limited space in a control panel

Light weight & compact body for 35mm DIN rail mount

Dimensions: 34(W)×88(H)×91(D)mm (Projections excluded)

Weight: Approx. 210g

Various interfaces

Equipped with CC-link, RS-485, and USB interface!

High sampling rate & resolution

High-Speed A/D conversion and powerful digital processing capability of 1200 times/sec.

High display resolution of 1/100000 (max).

Measurement can be performed quickly and precisely due to high speed A/D conversion.

Various functions useful for automated weighing systems

■ High performance filter

As it is resistant to vibration, measurement can be performed quickly and precisely.

■ Auto filter adjustment

The filter is automatically adjusted to reduce the noise when the auto adjustment key is pressed.

■ Equivalent input calibration

Theoretical calibration can be performed easily by registering the capacity and rated output of load cells.

■ Multipoint calibration (linearization)

Three additional points can be defined in the middle between zero and span for better linearity.

■ Input conversion value display

The output signal level of the connected load cell can be displayed in mV/V/ for monitor purpose.

■ Basic weighing process control function

Sequential control can be performed without connecting external PLC etc.


Analog section
Excitation voltage DC5V±5% Output current: 90mA
Ratiometric method (Up to 6 350Ω load cells can be connected in parallel)
Signal input range -2.5 to 5.1mV/V
Zero adjustment range Automatic adjustment by digital processing -0.5 to 2.0mV/V
Span adjustment range

Automatic adjustment by digital processing 0.02 to 3.0mV/V

Gain correction Up to three point multi-point calibration is possible using linearization function
Min. input sensitivity 0.15μV/count
Accuracy Non-linearity: within 0.01%FS
Zero drift: 0.0002%FS/℃ Typ
Gain drift: 1ppm/℃ Typ
Filter Digital low-pass filter: 0.1 to 300 Hz
Moving average filter: OFF, 2 to 512 times
A/D converter Speed: 1200 times/sec.
Resolution: 24bit binary
Display section
Display unit Character height 8mm, Numerical display by 7-segment green LED
Display value Up to 6 digits
Display frequency Selectable from 3, 6, 13, 25 times/sec.
Status display RUN, SD, RD, ERR
External signal
Output signal
Transistor’s open collector output
Vceo=30V, Ic=50mA
Input signal
Input is ON when shorted to COM terminal by contact (relay switch, etc.)
or non contact (transistor, open collector, etc.).
* DC24V external power supply is required.
USB USB interface
485 RS-485 interface (Selectable from Modbus-RTU or UNI-Format)
CCL CC-Link interface
General performance
Power supply voltage DC24V (±15%)
Power consumption 3W typ
Operating conditions Temperature: Operating temperature range: -10℃ to +50℃
Storage temperature range: -20℃ to +85℃
Humidity: 85%RH or less (non-condensing)
Dimensions 34(W)×88(H)×91(D)mm (Projections excluded)
Weight Approx. 210g
Jumper cable 2
Mini driver 1
CC-Link connector 1
Various I/O connector 2
Quick manual 2


Product catalogue(PDF)
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Operation manual(PDF)

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