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For simpler , Economical & more accurate weighing systems!

Product outline

FC200 is a type of weighing measurement equipment or instrument, like a bagging machine weighing system and hopper scales. It is very small & lightweight approx.450gm with a 6-digits green LED screen. This Equipment have two weighing modes i.e. Three Set Points Mode & Over/Under Comparison Mode.

For simpler and more accurate weighing systems!

Compact size: DIN 96 x 48mm

High-speed A/D conversion at 300 times/sec.

for weighing systems like bagging machines and hopper scales.

RS-485 as standard serial interface with multi-drop capability:

up to 32 control units on the same network!

High sampling rate & resolution

High-Speed A/D conversion and powerful digital processing capability of 300 times/sec. High resolution of 1/10000 in all input range. (internal 24bit)

High performance filter

As it is resistant to vibration, measurement can be performed quickly and precisely.

Small and lightweight



Improved visibility!

6-digits green LED display in 14 mm height & six status lights.

Equivalent input calibration

Theoretical calibration can be per formed easily by registering the capacity and rated output of load cells.

Multipoint calibration (linearization)

Three additional points can be defined in the middle between zero and span for better linearity.

Zero tracking function

Slow zero drift or shift of zero point due to temperature change etc. is utomatically corrected.

Application example

High/low limit function and two weighing modes:

(Three Set Points Mode & Over/Under Comparison Mode)

RS-485 as standard interface.

RS-485 (Modbus-RTU) multi-drop connection:

maximum of 32 control units on the same network!


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